Ombudsperson reveals workplace skills

By Keisha Howerth

Campus supervisors learned conflict-resolution skills in a workshop Tuesday.

The workshop was presented by Deborah Haliczer, employee relations and training director for Human Resources, and ombudsperson Sarah Klaper.

“This isn’t a special event; we hold these programs a few times a semester,” Haliczer said.

The workshop serves to train employees on skills they need when dealing with conflict.

“Conflict is inevitable,” Klaper said.

About a dozen supervisors attended the workshop from departments like financial aid, student employment and counseling. Haliczer and Klaper led an open discussion on conflict styles and skills that can be used to properly resolve conflict.

“Think about how you’ll be perceived,” Klaper said of how to avoid misinterpretations from others. “And think of how you can alter the situation.”

Handouts were given to the attendees on useful guidelines to follow for managing and resolving conflict, as well as common phrases that can be used when approaching a conflict.

“Conflicts bubble up in the workplace all the time,” Haliczer said. “Supervisors need to practice skills so grievances aren’t caused and a harmonious workplace is preserved.”

Haliczer and Klaper also discussed on-campus resources that can be used when a third party needs to get involved.

“My office is a resource for everyone, whether they’re a student or a faculty member,” Klaper said. “And whoever I meet with remains confidential.”