Pass/Fail: Illinois approves I-88 speed limit increase, Christmas advertising being posted too early

Danny Cozzi

Pass: Illinois approves I-88 speed limit increase

Starting in January, I won’t have to be so paranoid driving 70 mph on I-88.

The speed limit will be raised a whopping 5 mph at the start of the new year. Illinois Tollway’s Board of Directors voted Oct. 24 to allow the speed limit to increase from 65 mph, according to the Daily Chornicle.

Not only will my Amazon deliveries get to me faster, traffic will also flow much more smoothly on DeKalb County’s rural route. Plus, according to the National Motorists Association, you’re more likely to get in an accident by driving too slow rather than too fast.

Sure, 5 mph doesn’t seem like it’s a really big difference. But let’s be honest: A 70 mph speed limit is really more like an 80 mph speed limit. We all know it.

Fail: Christmas advertising being posted too early

It hasn’t even been a week since Halloween, and Walmart and mega-retailers alike are already getting you the best deals on everything Christmas.

I love getting a good deal on candy canes and fancy wrapping paper as much as anybody, but can we go just one day without getting bombarded with holiday advertising? It’s hardly actually snowed yet this season, and Christmas is the last thing I think of when I wake up to a cold November morning. I’m just looking forward to Thanksgiving, living life one holiday at a time.

I haven’t even begun to think about planning for Saint Nick’s international sleigh ride yet. I can’t get gushy over Christmas music without snow on the ground or at least my calendar reading “December.”