Don’t go to class if you have a cold

It looks like the cold has set in for good, as have sniffles and sore throats in classrooms.

Students, take these symptoms as a warning sign: When you get sick, stay home from class.​ Not only is it important to get your rest as soon and often as possible, but going to class sick risks infecting others.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons you do attend class under the weather is to avoid being docked attendance points. And with that issue, it’s important for professors to understand when students don’t show up to class, they aren’t always ditching to catch up on sleep or nurse a hangover.

The Northern Star Editorial Board wants the NIU community to take illness seriously. Students, don’t risk spreading viruses like wildfire, and professors, go easy on students who take a sick day.

It’s good to fight through feeling dreary and mindless to get those participation points, but every day you go to class sick you threaten getting your classmates to feel as crummy as you do.

Though many professors offer a small number of “grace days” to miss class, that’s not necessarily a trend among all classrooms. Students can certainly understand participation for showing up being important, but it’s also crucial for teachers, especially during the flu season, to accept students missing class to tend to their ailments.

Health Services has plenty of links to information on how to handle your symptoms. According to, getting plenty of rest fights symptoms of the flu and fever. It’s also important to drink plenty of fluids, like water and clear soups, to stay hydrated.

There’s no cure for the common cold, but taking care of yourself as soon as symptoms develop can reduce your time spent feeling lousy. It’s important to get to class every day, but don’t risk your health just to pick up attendance points.

And professors, keep in mind most students will usually be in class, but remember to cut them some slack on attendance if they need a day to recover.

Most importantly, students should use sick days honestly rather than taking advantage of a professor’s consideration to allow a few absences throughout the semester.