Top 5: Reviewing latest DeKalb news

By Holly New

No. 5: Cafe has high hopes despite lease issue

The leasing issues with the House Cafe, 263 Lincoln Highway, have been going on for a while. While I’m not the biggest fan of the venue, I know many students find refuge here for music and find it a place to be themselves.

There isn’t another place like the House Cafe near campus; it’s possible another could be fashioned, but it would never be the same. The House holds an important role in DeKalb, and it would be detrimental for it to close. I hope the problems with leasing can be resolved and the House Cafe can stay open for good.

No. 4: “Grit” comes to DeKalb

I was really excited to see this news. I think it’s fantastic DeKalb Public Library, 309 Oak St., was awarded a $15,000 grant to promote literacy through the Big Read program.

Not only is the push for literacy a great and worthy cause, but what really excited me was the books they’ve ordered, like “True Grit,” have been given out already. In our age of technology, I’m glad to see teenagers are still willing to read in paper form. Books are a weakening media, so I support this cause entirely.

No. 3: General education classes may see changes

This is the conversation NIU should have had years ago.

The general education requirements are too extensive and unnecessary. Some core classes, like basic writing and math, should obviously be kept, but when gen eds extend far outside students’ majors then they are only eating up time students could use to take more important classes. I know many students from my hometown who will go to a community college to finish their general education requirements and then transfer to NIU. We should focus on attracting those students from the beginning and then work on retention.

No. 2: Football starting to have advantage over Big 10 teams

The football team is off to a great start this year. Already 4-0, the Huskies have beaten two Big Ten teams and are really making a name for themselves.

I’ve gotten the impression the Huskies have been looked over in the past, so to see them have success is really great for the university. Students need to rally behind the football team and push for its success. NIU gave the team lots of support during the Orange Bowl; let’s show it the same love now.

No. 1: Campus chalked with love

Chalking the campus is a wonderful way to kick off LGBTQ History Month.

There is something so comforting about walking to class and seeing positive messages beneath your feet. My hope is students who are struggling with identity can look at these and feel comfort they aren’t alone. I’ve noticed NIU has been exceptionally accepting and supportive of LGBTQ individuals, and this project is only another example of that. The chalk messages are only the start to a fantastic history month everyone should be involved in.