‘Beyond” Two Souls’ explores death

By Josh Alfrey

Quantic Dream developers take gamers on a journey through the sublime in their new game, “Beyond: Two Souls.”

“Beyond: Two Souls” is an interactive drama released Tuesday. The game follows the life of a young woman named Jodie Holmes and the supernatural spirit she is connected to, Aiden. Throughout her life, Jodie struggles with living with a powerful entity.

The Quantic Dream developers used actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe to star in “Beyond: Two Souls.” Page does the voice work for Jodie, and Dafoe plays a government scientist who becomes her father figure, Nathan Dawkins. Through the motion capture technology, developers were able to place the actors into the game universe.

“Beyond: Two Souls” is a stunningly beautiful accomplishment of motion capture and computer-generated graphics. It is a great example of interactive collaborative art. With a thrilling storyline, jaw-dropping graphics and great music, Quantic Dream put together an incredible gaming experience.

Interlacing the detailed environment and characters with the interactive gameplay creates a relatable story. I found myself quickly becoming emotionally attached to Jodie and Nathan. The technology lends itself to the game’s emotional depth by making the characters realistic.

I particularly enjoy how the player’s choices drastically affect the events that occur in the game. The gamer gets the opportunity to choose how far they are willing to take Aiden and Jodie’s powers.

Being a force of destruction or walking the other way is all in the hands of the gamer. Those decisions alter the game’s ending. Gamers can’t always expect to have the same experience twice.

The music in “Beyond: Two Souls” was one of the most immersive elements, using the score to build up emotional tension in every scene. This game was the last project of late composer Normand Corbeil. Corbeil was Quantic Dream’s go-to composer. After his passing, “The Dark Knight Rises” composer Hans Zimmer worked on the project and completed the games’ beautiful score.

Suspenseful music and dark graphics make for an exciting thriller of a game that is hard to predict. The story is non-linear and offers the viewer a glimpse into one strange life.

Through Jodie’s life the game attempts to explore the world of life, death and what is beyond.