Intramurals looking to expand in student activity

By James Cantagallo

Whether you are a former athlete, a member of a fraternity or just a normal student, Campus Recreation is looking to see an increase in intramural


Campus Recreation will offer four leagues, seven tournaments and two special events during the fall. Rhonda Hampton, assistant director of competitive sport and youth programs, is hoping for a big turnout.

“We are trying to get a variety of different events and sports that attract everybody,” Hampton said.

Joe Dench, sophomore English education major and Alpha Phi Omega member, has been in floor hockey and a softball tournament and would like to see an increase in student participation.

“I would like to see more students outside of the Greek population,” Dench said. “I think having more people will raise school spirit.”

Independent teams are welcome in all of the intramural leagues. If a team does not have the mandatory amount of players, arrangements can be made to fix that.

“If an independent team is interested, we will help find others who can fill out their rosters,” Hampton said.

For people who are interested, there is no need to worry about time commitment or schedule conflicts: The intramural schedules are flexible, and teams play one game a week.

“All of our leagues are four weeks long. You get one game a week. You get to sign up with what your schedule dictates,” Hampton said. “For example, if you are only available for Monday nights at 8 p.m., you can sign up for Monday nights at 8 p.m.”

In the past, weather and poor field conditions have caused problems with the intramural leagues. The new outdoor facility will help eliminate some of the cancellations and create better field conditions.

“Turf field will allow for people to play when it’s a little colder, rainy or a little snowy,” Hampton said. “Our previous fields had to be closed with any drop of rain.”

This year, Campus Recreation will offer a league pass for organizations or independent teams. The league pass costs $650 for the school year and gets the team a spot in every league for the fall and spring semesters. The pass will also be good for select tournaments throughout the school year. This will save teams $100, which is the equivalent to the price of one league and one tournament. Monthly payment plans are available.

If a team would like to play for only the fall or spring semester, there are passes available for that.