New YouTube channel brings geeky angle to viewers

By Josh Alfrey

The entertainment world of YouTube is evolving with the new collaborative channel Polaris.

Polaris is a YouTube channel where a variety of community personalities share their geeky obsessions. It doesn’t matter if it is games, television, movies, anime or comics, Polaris covers it all. With new original content being uploaded daily, entertainment junkies never have to crave for more.

This new channel is a revitalization of the popular gaming YouTube channel The Game Station. The station decided to go in this direction so it can open its doors to videos on a wider range of subjects.

Since posting its first video July 3, the channel has already attained more than half a million views. Their news show “Daily Byte,” presented by Brooke “Dodger” Lawson, is a very popular show that’s generated nearly half of those views alone. The channel has shown potential from the start and has brought something new to the entertainment community.

The folks at Polaris have taken YouTube collaborations to the next level by bringing together popular gamers who do not often work together. Unlikely pairings like the “GameGrumps” Dan Avidan playing “Mount Your Friends” with Dodger provide a comedic spin to the gamer culture.

One of the first collaborative shows featured on Polaris is “PewDiePie and Friends,” hosted by Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. Each episode, PewDiePie brings three guests to play games with him. PewDiePie’s energetic humor combined with three equally excitable people make for some interesting videos.

Checking out the Polaris channel can guarantee you access to a plethora of great gaming content. This station brings together established video creators like the Yogscast, The GameGrumps and Day[9]TV under one roof. This is a very beneficial relationship as they will all be sharing their fan bases, bringing millions of enthusiastic fans together.

The greatest part about bringing all of these content creators together is they aren’t trying to make a monopoly in their geeky subgenre. Polaris is open to bringing on new talented video makers no matter what their personal nerdy poison may be. The older guard will nurture new talent through Polaris’ exposure. The most exciting thing to see could be what new broadcasters may flourish from the collaborative channel’s success.

No matter what your obsession is, keep your eye on the sky because Polaris has you covered.