Educational and fun games

By Josh Alfrey

Are you worried finals are here and you spent the whole semester playing video games? Luckily, I have some video games that could help you learn something before the big test.

Gaming has many benefits beside being an excuse to ignore class. Despite what your mother told you, there are plenty of educational games that cover a wide range of subjects.

I can attribute my vast knowledge of history to the game “Age of Empires II.” The real-time strategy game is similar to “Warcraft” but set in Earth’s history books. The game also includes legendary leaders like William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.

“Age of Empires II” is great for history lessons while simultaneously building a civilization and conquering enemies. Some artistic liberties may exist in this game, but do not let a Japanese war against the Vikings take away from a valuable learning experience.

Medical or anatomy lessons could be applied in “Surgeon Simulator 2013.” This darkly comedic game simulates being an incompetent doctor who has never performed surgery.

“Surgeon Simulator 2013” allows players to learn basic anatomy terms in a matter of minutes. The game conjures the pressure doctors face by strategically pulling organs out of a patient during a transplant; however, the game is not too serious as the doctor faces problems like losing his or her watch inside a patient and bumping into loaded syringes.

Although I would not recommend these games over a final exam study guide, “Age of Empires II” and “Surgeon Simulator 2013” are two examples of strategic games improving your knowledge. Results may vary.