Game Station is a great channel for gamers

By Josh Alfrey

If you have ever wondered where to start in the world of being an Internet gaming sensation, you may want to begin at The Game Station.

The Game Station is a collaborative YouTube channel that releases gaming news, sketch comedies and podcasts. Besides doing this, they connect players and help gaming-based channels receive Youtube sponsorship.

For any aspiring YouTube gamer this station shares the best networking and advice to carry out their passions. It is often said in the YouTube video business that the greatest way to grow a channel is through sharing viewership. This is exactly what The Game Station does by promoting new channels and followers within their videos.

This gaming YouTube channel has some of the most influential players on the Internet. Some of the gamers included are John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, Brooke “Dodger” Leigh Lawson and Jesse “OMFGCata” Cox.

Jesse Cox and TotalBiscuit are most known for their creation of Let’s Play–where someone can play an entire game with commentary and upload it on YouTube in segments–and gaming review content. Throughout their videos they give hilarious and in-depth commentary. Dodger is very popular for her gaming news show on her own YouTube channel, PressHeartToContinue, and her video blogs on DexterityBonus.

Outside of their individual work, this trio creates a large portion of Game Station’s content. They are the stars and creators of one of the channels most popular series, “The Game Station Podcast.”

“The Game Station Podcast” features TotalBiscuit, Dodger and Jesse Cox sitting down and discussing anything and everything, within the world of gaming with their special guests. Their guests are more often than not another gaming YouTube sensation, so listeners can always expect a variety of gaming opinions at all times.

Discussion often gets heated between the “Cynical Brit” TotalBiscuit and the goofy Jesse Cox, but Dodger is there to make things lighthearted. The group’s chemistry is spectacular, as they produce a podcast full of laughs and quality discussion on upcoming games and gaming news.

The Game Station isn’t only a great networking tool for an aspiring YouTuber, but it’s also a good source for entertainment and gaming discussion. From roleplaying, battle arenas, first-person shooters, platformers and table tops, any gaming lover can appreciate the content produced by The Game Station.