‘Geek & Sundry’ channel is gold for geeks

By Josh Alfrey

Admirers of the unconventional will fall in love with the quirky hilarity of the second season of Geek & Sundry.

Geek & Sundry is a YouTube channel and community founded by actress and geek queen Felicia Day and producers Kim Evey and Sheri Bryant. This channel focuses on all things geek: comics, books, gaming, television and movies.

During the first season of Geek & Sundry, the channel gathered half a million subscribers. Shows like the video blog The Flog and TableTop, hosted by nerd icon of Star Trek fame Wil Wheaton, attracted viewers from all corners of the Internet.

The new season of Geek & Sundry will feature new episodes of the shows Monday through Friday. From original sketch comedy series to board game play with celebrities, the channel covers many facets of the gaming kingdom.

On Mondays, Day will host a series called Felicia’s Ark. Day talks about video game species and lets the audience decide which ones deserve to be saved from the hypothetical end of the world. Throughout the show she discusses the pros and cons of each species in a post-apocalyptic gaming world. Sometimes it is hard for a gamer to decide who is the better primate, especially when you have to choose between gaming legends like George from Rampage or Donkey Kong.

On Tuesdays, Geek & Sundry pulls out the comedy series Space Janitors. This series parodies science fiction clichés by presenting a “Star Wars”-type universe from the perspective of the janitors on an Imperial space station.

Fetch Quest, an animated comedy show about gaming culture, comes on Wednesdays. This show pokes fun at gamers and an industry where some people take themselves too seriously. With animation by Domics, Fetch Quest exemplifies one of the channel’s main goals to create gaming comedy for players.

Wheaton takes over Geek & Sundry’s Thursdays with his hit show TableTop. TableTop features Wheaton and three guests from the world of gaming, YouTube, TV and movies coming together to play a board game. Wheaton and his guests always have a hilariously good time as they try to defeat each other and ultimately figure out what on Earth they are doing.

On Fridays the channel releases Player Ones, a sketch comedy series based around video game humor. This series takes gaming jargon and gaming stereotypes and puts them into random ridiculous sketches by Player Ones’s comedy team.

The Geek & Sundry channel aims to bring together all the passionate lovers of games, movies, television and comics to fuse them into one community and then keep them laughing together.