School of Theatre and Dance to move temporarily

By Mariah Stubbs-Johnson

The School of Theatre and Dance will go under construction this summer, said Terrence McClellan, School of Theatre and Dance assistant director.

The building was built in 1959.

“There’s a number of issues,” McClellan said. “The heating and cooling utilities in this building [are] not good and that’s a big issue. Another issue is that building leaks and there is mold. The building overall is old…. New equipment and updated material will help us a lot.”

McClellan said the building renovations could take two-and-a-half to three years.

McClellan said there will be a new black box theatre, good audio and lighting, a computer lab for digital design and a 300-seat lecture hall open to the campus.

“We are going to have a new shop,” McClellan said. “The new shop will allow us to build scenery just like a professional situation. It’s going to be a much better performance space.”

Sophomore theatre major Karlysa Green said the renovations to the building will be a success.

“Even though I will not be here to use the new equipment and enjoy the new facility, I am happy for the undergraduates who will have the chance to enjoy something I didn’t,” Green said. “The building will definitely be a success because it is needed.”

Senior theatre major Jeweline Hale has attended classes in the building for four years.

“It’s bittersweet,” Hale said. “But I am glad that the other incoming theatre majors have something to look forward to, such as the new equipment and walking into something that can help enhance their learning. But it is definitely bittersweet.”

McClellan said future theatre and dance performance locations are still being discussed while construction is taking place.

“Huntley Middle School is our primary location we are looking into as well as the Diversions Lounge and out in the open for the public,” McClellan said. “This will help recruitment a lot. We have a good reputation around the country. We lose students due to how the building looks. New facilities will enhance education and that is what we need.”