Tabletop games are just a fun as virtual games

By Josh Alfrey

The world of gaming doesn’t only incorporate joysticks, controllers and things that go boom.

All gamers should take a step back and appreciate the diversity of tabletop games, including board games, card games, dice games and roleplaying games. This form of gaming is often underappreciated, yet it is a completely complex and ever-changing environment. It is the true original form of social gaming.

Tabletop games provide a strategic and fast-paced form of gaming. They also bring people together to play under one roof. Oftentimes in console and computer gaming you have a long time to make decisions on your own. When playing a tabletop game you have to make a decision in that moment while bouncing ideas off of your friends and competitors.

Highly strategic games like The Settlers of Catan and Small World get tabletop players deeply immersed in the gameplay. Through tabletop games like these, players have such a large array of actions they can’t normally find in traditional gaming. Interacting with players face to face make attacks and actions that much more rewarding.

Card games don’t only involve the normal deck of kings and queens; many tabletop games are completely card-based, like “Gloom.” In games like “Gloom” the story revolves around your imagination, bringing out the inner story teller in its players. “Gloom” is unique, as your goal is to make your fictional team as miserable as possible with the cards you’ve been given.

March 30 marked the beginning of the very first International TableTop Day as created by the Geek & Sundry network. This was a day completely dedicated to getting together with friends and strangers to play any tabletop games.

TableTop Day was a date dedicated to gaming love and community as people throughout the world sat down and played. Throughout the day, actors Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton had a livestream where they played a multitude of tabletop games with celebrities. Wheaton and Day also video chatted with people around the country, celebrating the day.

Tabletop games have played and continue to play a huge part in creating the gaming community. There is nothing quite like sitting down, learning, playing and creating with a group of friends in your own world.