Q&A with Pat Tomasulo

By Aymie Telinski

WGN-TV sports anchor Pat Tomasulo is known for mixing sports and comedy into his reporting each morning.

Tomasulo tested out his funny bone at a sold-out show on Saturday night at ComedyComedy at the Tap House in Oswego.

In the seven years he has been at WGN-TV he has developed a cult following which has allowed him to pursue another passion of his: stand-up comedy. Earlier in the week he agreed at do an over-the-phone interview with me.

Northern Star: Why did you decide to go into comedy?

Pat Tomasulo: I always had a love for stand-up comedy, any type. I always loved to watch stand-up and SNL, and it was always something I could see myself doing. I thought my skillset would transition pretty well. I started my career going into tiny towns where stand-up wasn’t really an option. I moved here and thought I had established enough credibility with my day job to finally try it.

NS: How do you work doing comedy shows with the morning show?

PT: I wake up at 1:15 a.m. and get into the station at 2:30 a.m. I would go to work on two to three hours of sleep… I’d work, then nap. For a good portion of last year I would do one or two weeknights and try all over again. Toward the end of last year I got really sick. I have only done a handful since getting sick, but I have been leaning toward weekend shows.

NS: Do you prefer comedy or anchoring?

PT: I like both the same. They both fulfill different creative outlets for me. Working on the news I have a lot of experience and stand-up is really new to me. Sometimes it’s a little more exciting because there is a greater chance for failure than my day job and I still get a ton of satisfaction from WGN.

NS: Any advice for recent graduates who are trying to get into broadcasting?

PT: Be prepared to be poor and travel a lot. It may require you to travel to a place you never thought you would live. For me it was getting as much experience as you can. Get as many internships as you can and learn anything. The business has changed so much, learn how to shoot edit and be a good writer.

NS: Why did you major in journalism?

PT: I started out as a business major, and I was awful at math. I knew I had to be out of college in four years so I had to find something quickly. I was always a big sports fan. I worked at my campus TV station and it came really easy to me.