Queens of the Stone Age reunites

By Kevin Bartelt

Many artists appear to be altering their sound to suit pop music standards.

Groups like Maroon 5 exemplify this best because their first album is noticeably different from their newest one. This dramatic change makes it difficult to believe a groups originality and credibility. Fortunately, one band has stuck to its roots. Fans everywhere have anxiously been awaiting for the re-establishment of rock band Queens of the Stone Age.

Lollapalooza Brazil received a pleasant surprise Saturday when the band debuted a track from its new album “…Like Clockwork,” which is due for release in June. “My God is the Sun” is a classic intense Queens’ song. The hearty beat and quick guitar riff are definitely not something heard on the new Green Day album. Even though the drums sound just as powerful as on its previous albums, the group actually has a new drummer.

The HuffingtonPost.com said, “Dave Grohl actually replaced the band’s previous drummer, Joey Castillo, in recording sessions for the Queens’ upcoming album, ‘… Like Clockwork,’ but Theodore will play during the group’s tour.”

Theodore has big shoes to fill after Castillo and Grohl played aggressively at every performance.

Queens of the Stone Age will perform Aug. 2 at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Assuming “…Like Clockwork” is as good as “My God is the Sun,” I would highly recommend seeing this performance. The band has been around the rock scene for 17 years and age has treated them well.