Student Spotlight: Casey Branch

By Terrance Bullock

Sophomore nursing major Casey Branch has high hopes for the medical field after graduation. The Northern Star caught up with Branch in Neptune Central, where she was doing some studying in between classes.

Northern Star: What is your major?

Casey Branch: I am a nursing major. I want to be a pediatric nurse once I graduate.

NS: What inspired you to choose the medical field as a career path?

CB: Well, my dad is a doctor. I’ve been exposed to the medical field my entire life; this is pretty much second nature to me.

NS: Why did you choose to come to NIU?

CB: NIU was the best choice for me; they have a great medical school. I was also interested in becoming a cheerleader. I currently am on the NIU cheerleading team.

NS: What do you do for fun?

CB: Shopping, of course. I like to work out whenever I have the time–it relaxes me. Also, cheerleading is really fun for me.

NS: What’s a unique experience you’ve had on campus?

CB: The memorial that took place on Valentine’s Day. It was a sad day, but I liked how the campus came out to show respect for the students who lost their lives. You could really feel the love that the NIU students have for each other.

NS: What advice would you give students who are thinking about coming to NIU?

CB: I would say that they should definitely come. I’ve had a great experience since I’ve been here. There are so many organizations to get involved with. There’s an event almost every week, there are a lot of things to get into. Also the people down here are friendly.