Buckcherry’s new album will delight hard rock fans

By Kevin Bartelt

Hard rock in the 21st century is hit or miss.

Many modern rock bands fail to give justice to the classics. Buckcherry reminds listeners of “Guns N’ Roses” and “AC/DC”, and the band’s originality keeps its music fresh and enjoyable. Buckcherry’s new album “Confessions” came out Tuesday.

Seven of the 13 tracks focus on the seven deadly sins. The song’s serious lyrical matter is much different from Buckcherry’s 2006 hit “Crazy Bitch.”

According to TheDailyNews.com, singer Josh Todd said, “The idea was that the record would be the soundtrack to the film, and the theme is the seven deadly sins. It’s a very, very personal record for me, especially songs like ‘Pride’ and ‘Sloth.’”

“Pride” is a poetic, depressing reflection with verses spoken rather than sung. Although the instruments take on a lighter feel reminiscent of Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” feel, the powerful lyrics dominate the song. With spoken lyrics and fast acoustic strumming, I like that “Pride” isn’t a typical “Buckcherry” song. Only skilled musicians can mix it up without hurting their integrity.

“Gluttony” is my favorite track on the album. The whole band nailed this song. The articulate guitar and bass riffs during the verse differ from the jam during the chorus. Guitarist Keith Nelson probably melted a few faces while recording his guitar solo; it’s possible. If you’re going to listen to one track on this album, “Gluttony” is your best choice.

Drummers will appreciate beats played in “Water.” From the upbeat hi-hat groove in the verse to the demanding chorus, drummer Xavier Muriel gets a workout playing this fast tune. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician, but the instruments in this song stick out to me way more than the lyrics. The guitar riff in the chorus of Muriel’s beats are impressive.

The last song on the album is “Dreamin’ of You.” It’s a very simple acoustic track and sounds like it took 30 minutes to write and record. According to GeeksOfDoom.com, ”The final track on the album feels like one of those bonus acoustic tracks [and] just seemed last minute.” The song is pretty but almost sounds random for Buckycherry.

The album is pretty good. If you don’t listen to Buckcherry, the songs might start to blend into one mega-song. Listen to “Gluttony,” “Pride” and “Water.”