Free math tutoring offered in DuSable

By Kia Clair

The faculty in the department of mathematics want to do their best to help Huskie students succeed, so they’re now offering free tutoring for students from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in DuSable Hall, Room 326.

“The tutoring center provides resources that students may not get in class,” said Brian Veitch, director of the center,. “We do mock exams, we do exam reviews. And we also provide study guides, practice exams and study sheets. The goal is to first help them and then get them working together.”

Veitch has been teaching math for six years and encourages students to come to the tutoring center for more help.

“When they come to tutoring, students can ask questions because they don’t get to ask many questions in class,” said Veitch. “They get help with homework and they get attention. A whole range of students attend tutoring. Students who do bad and students who do good come in. We try to do our best letting them know there’s no harm in coming in.”

Now that calculus tutoring sessions are available, the center offers Math 229 and 230, where students can have study sessions in groups and do mock assignments to help prepare for exams and improve their math skills.

“I recommend students who need help to come to the tutoring center so they can have justification that they’re doing the right things as they do their math homework,” said graduate assistant Michael McCabe. “Homework also builds confidence in their math abilities.”

While other math class tutoring sessions, like Math 101, are taught by one teaching assistant, the Math 210 tutoring course offered is taught by two teaching assistants.

“I started coming in two weeks ago to get help with homework problems in Math 229, which is calculus one,” said junior microbiology major Laura Kayler. “I’ve seen a huge difference since. My exam score was good because their mock exam was really helpful. I would definitely recommend this tutoring center. I actually informed my other friends in class about the mock exam. We all agreed it was helpful and informative.”

All students are welcome, students can walk in and will be assigned to a tutor for their specific class.

“If it wasn’t for my professor, Angela Antonou, repeatedly talking about the tutoring center, I wouldn’t have known,” said Christopher Moreno, junior environmental studies major.

For more information about the tutoring center, contact 815-753-6732, or email [email protected]