‘Community’ to return funnier than ever

By Jen Weddle

Fans, the wait is finally over: The dysfunctional study group will return to NBC in the season premiere, “History 101.”

Season four of “Community” will premiere at 7 p.m. CST on Thursday. The critically acclaimed series had to take a brief break due to a few changes that needed to be made for the sitcom.

The third season finished airing in May 2012 and fans have been left eagerly awaiting the next one.

TVLine confirmed that a few changes have been made since then, including series creator Dan Harmon departing from the NBC comedy. The show also lost writer Chris McKenna, who now works on “The Mindy Project,” and Dino Stamatopoulos, a.k.a Star-Burns, who was a writer and actor on the show. “Community“ also lost Chevy Chase, who is known on the show as Pierce Hawthorne.

So what’s this new “Community” going to be like? From the looks of the trailer, it still keeps true to the bizarre humor that fans love.

If you’ve never seen “Community,” it’s never too late to start watching it–just as Pierce teaches us that it’s never too late to further your education.

Seriously, he’s 70 and he hasn’t graduated yet.

The show is about a tight-knit study group attending Greendale Community College. The school mascot, the Human Being, was created by Hawthorne and Dean Pelton after they found the previous one to be politically incorrect. The mascot ends up being a person in a silver unitard with the Greendale logo on the chest and sharpie-drawn eyes and a mouth. It sort of resembles Slender Man.

This is just an example of the quirky yet totally bizarre humor found in “Community.”

According to TVRage.com, the season four opener will be about the study group returning from summer break.

Jeff, one of the members of the Greendale Seven (Greendale Six with the loss of Pierce), is only a few credits short of graduating. There is a mix-up with registration for the history class Jeff needs, and Pelton decides to hold a physical competition for the remaining class space.

Britta will help Abdul cope with the realization that the study group will soon be graduating and the group members will eventually have to go their separate ways.

The season four sneak peek trailer, released way back when we thought “Community” would actually premiere on Oct. 19, is just an indication of the pop culture humor that will be found. Entertainment Weekly gave a glimpse of a tribute to “The Hunger Games” called “The Hunger Deans.”

Pelton makes a pretty good Effie Trinket.

If this is any indication of where the show is going, then I look forward to it. I’m going to enjoy every minute of the irresistible, unapologetically weird humor.

Who knows how long the Greendale study group has left until graduation?