Top books to read this semester

By Kevin Bartelt

There are many great books to read this semester. It can be difficult to make choices on what to read with so little free time, so I have narrowed it down for you.

Below are four of the top-rated book previews as deemed by

“Love is a Canoe”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, perhaps a romance might strike your interest.

“Love is a Canoe” by Ben Schrank has been rated 3.4 out of five stars by “Love is a Canoe” tells the story of Peter Herman, the author of the fictitious and non-existent “Marriage is a Canoe.”

After Herman’s wife dies in 2010, he questions the famous advice in his book. This story follows an aging man as he contemplates giving love a second chance.

This books is unique for following a character after his prime. Plus, love stories with old people are adorable.

Except for you, Meryl Streep. Stay away from my grandparents.

“The Burgess Boys”

The message appears to be that your past will never leave you in “The Burgess Boys” by Elizabeth Strout.

Jim and Bob Burgess try to look forward after the tragic death of their father. Several years after moving to New York to avoid their past they get a call from their sister, Susan, who urges them to come back home.

Susan is having pressing problems with her son and desperately needs their help. Unfortunately, Jim and Bob’s disturbed past is similar to their return.

This book can be relatable to college students whose problems resurface when returning home. gave “The Burgess Boys” a 3.7 out of five stars.

“Gone Girl“

Although this next book came out last May, Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” is a must-read.

On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick and Amy make preparations for the day when Amy disappears.

Through Amy’s diary entries, the reader learns of her dangerous side. This thriller sounds like a great book and received a 3.99 out of five stars in

However, some readers say the second half of the book is not as appealing and the ending is anticlimactic. Obviously, these are only a few opinions, so you’ll have to find out for yourself.

“The Casual Vacancy”

Is it true that J.K. Rowling died after she wrote Harry Potter?

No, and how dare you.

“The Casual Vacancy” has been voted as one of the best books in 2012 all over the U.S.

The novel is about the sleepy town of Pagford and how one death rocks the town to its core. This book discusses social issues and politics and covers a widespread of demographics from the upperclass to the poor. gave this book 3.30 out of five stars. Although some readers aren’t fans of economic plots, you should still give Rowling’s post-Harry book a shot.