Most unique items on

By Jen Weddle allows artists and crafters from all over the world to let their creativity run wild. Sometimes those inventive products can turn a little weird, strange and interesting.

Some of the products are what you would call “a little unique,” but others could come straight out of horror film scenes like Buffalo Bill’s scary basement from “The Silence of the Lambs.”

I have created a list of the most unique and strange products Etsy has to offer.

The Unique

Custom Toms: Etsy has custom TOMS ranging from “Beauty and the Beast” to “Star Wars.” The other day, while browsing the website, I found a pair of R2-D2 TOMS–something I’d never be able to find in a store. If you can’t afford to pay $80 and you have a pair of TOMS laying around, this website is great for inspiring you to create your own shoe designs.

One-of-a-Kind Coffee Cups: If you type unique coffee cups into the search bar, you’ll get all kinds of different styles and designs that Etsy has to offer. The website offers handmade, vintage or eccentric styles for the coffee lover to enjoy. My favorite coffee cup on the website is a vintage white mug from 1970 with a spout that has dripping coffee; if that doesn’t fit your taste, there are a lot of other designs to choose from. If you like to add eclectic, whimsical pieces to your kitchen, Etsy definitely has you covered.

The Strange

Taxidermy Art: So the strangest thing about Etsy is definitely going to be the taxidermy section. Anything that features animals that are stuffed is not in my expertise, but maybe some people consider it to be art. Whether you’re a fan or not, the taxidermists of Etsy offer something strange for everyone.

“The weirdest thing I saw were these masks made out of pig skin,” said senior English major John O’Hale. “It was something out of a horror story. It’s interesting because it’s so morbid–who would need a mask made out of pig skin? That was just my biggest thing.”

Miniature Crochet: Crocheting isn’t just for old people anymore. This new form of art called miniature crochet has become popular, and it’s basically tiny crochet figurines that artists make. I really like the tiny crochet gnome dolls and an extremely tiny penguin that Etsy has on the website. These little crochet figurines range from under an inch to two inches long, and they are so adorable in a strange kind of way.