New Residence Hall begins week of events with kickball game

By Kia Clair

The New Residence Hall plan for February activities and fun has officially begun.

Residents from New Hall and other residents on campus came together to play kickball and hang out from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Monday night in the Chick Evans Field House.

Nearly 50 residents participated in the first event on Sunday, “Kickoff to Infinity,” where a twist was added to the game of kickball. This required residents to correctly answer a question pertaining to academic trivia in order to kick the ball. Questions like, “New Hall has a tutoring centering. Where is it?” were asked by Christopher Swanson, graduate assistant hall director.

Engaging in the game of kickball gave residents the opportunity to get out of their dorms and enjoy a competitive sport while also learning.

“I would like the New Hall residents to develop a sense of unity within their hall and show their pride,” said Ernest Smith, junior communicative disorders major.

All of the New Residence Hall events will take place over a course of four days.

“I learned apparently every floor serves a purpose. Students should get out of their dorms do the activities and meet new friends,” Andre Richmond, freshman math education major.

Not all students came to make friends like Richmond.

“I chose to participate because I like sports,” said Arial Grant, junior family and individual development major. “I learned from tonight’s event that by living in the Residence Halls, your GPA increases, rather than living off campus, because you have the people around you taking the same classes and you can study with them. You can have fun while being educated.”

Sophomore nursing major Geno Hampton recommends other residents to come out for the rest of the week’s events and encourages students to “come learn some study tips [and] campus trivia, and have fun.”

“At first we were concerned about the turnout because of the weather, but due to our dedicated staff members we were able to have a nice turnout,” said Larrita Bryant, senior family consumer science major and community adviser. “The event went phenomenal.”