Thanksgiving TV recap

By Kevin Bartelt

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving break is over. However, I enjoyed a few different shows this week.

Happy Endings had a really funny Thanksgiving episode. The friends watch an episode that showed Alex on The Real World in 2002. It’s hilarious how accurate the show depicts American culture from 10 years ago. I highly recommend you check this one out.

Parks and Recreation had a good episode, too. April continues to follow her passion for animals as she pushes to build a dog park. However, the lot where she wants to build a dog park is the same lot where Leslie has been trying to build her own park. The controversy is pretty funny because Leslie and April are very different. In addition, Ben tries to help Tom with his new company Rent-a-Swag—a place for parents to rent stylish clothes for their children (a.k.a. all of Tom’s clothes). As the episode progresses, Tom’s potential investors are less curious about him and more interested in working with Ben after his big election win with Leslie. The episode is all-around funny.

Modern Family had a so-so episode last week. Claire brags about Alex being in a very competitive spelling bee. The episode also features Matthew Broderick, who mistakenly believes Phil is gay. The funniest scenes have to be between Broderick’s character and Phil. Other than that, the episode wasn’t amazing.

One show I watched for the first time was New Girl. I’m a huge Zooey Deschanel fan/future lover, but I have never watched the show. I really enjoy New Girl’s simplicity. In the previously mentioned shows, there are sometimes three to four plots occurring simultaneously. I like that New Girl has two or sometimes three different stories going on. It’s not a show where I have to invest a lot of mental effort. This week’s episode pokes fun at PMS. Although it was very exaggerated, I thought the show was funny and I’m going to keep watching it. You win me over again, Zooey.