‘Happy Endings’ will fill your ’30 Rock’ void

By Kevin Bartelt

Are you sad that 30 Rock is ending and want to fill the comedic void in your heart? Happy Endings just started its third season and the show is definitely getting funnier.

The first season was…OK. It was an average comedy at best. However, season two was hilarious and season three is looking to be just as good, if not better.

This show is about the lives of six friends after the failed nuptials of two of them. What makes this show great is the relationship between the friends. If one of them says something that’s not funny, the friends will always call them out. The pop culture references in Happy Endings range from the obscure to very relevant.

The show is also funny because each character has his or her own personality. One of the characters, Penny, has an ongoing fear that she will grow old and become a spinster. I also appreciate how the diverse friends are authentic. Unlike in Glee, a gay person, a blonde and a black person are not stereotyped in Happy Endings.

Overall this show is awesome and season three just started a few weeks ago, so it’s not too late to catch up.