All-University Band, Wind Emsemble perform Tuesday

By Katie Finlon

The All-University Band will be hosting its first concert of the semester 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Boutell Memorial Concert Hall. Admission is free.

The Wind Ensemble will be performing as the All-University Band’s guest in the first half, directed by Ronnie Wooten.

The All-University Band is mainly comprised of non-music majors, and Wind Ensemble is generally made of all music majors, according to Wooten.

The concert mainly consists of music from the 20th century, but there will be a great variety of pieces to appeal to an audience with diverse tastes, including pieces by popular 20th century composers Aaron Copland and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

“There’s something for everyone in this concert,” Wooten said.

Combining the two ensembles is a way to expand the All-University Band’s audience horizon, according to Kathryn Swope, graduate conducting major and All-University Band director. She said it is difficult to get the word out about different concerts, particularly All-University Band.

“The reason we’re doing it is to get a bigger audience base,” Swope said. “Hopefully we’ll get more people at our future University band concerts.”

This is Swope’s first year as a graduate assistant and her first year as director of All-University Band. Swope is also a member of Wind Ensemble’s French horn section and is Wooten’s conducting apprentice.

No matter what the area of study is for the members of Wind Ensemble or All-University Band, the main objective of either ensemble is to create music for the community to enjoy.

“We have really great things happening here,” Swope said.