Sorority prepares voters at House of REDS

By Erin Kolb

Students were able to register to vote, get absentee ballots and listen to music at the third annual House of REDS event Friday.

Rappers, singers, small bands and dancers performed at the event, which was hosted by the Zeta Iota chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The event took place at the Cavan Auditorium in Gable Hall.

People who dropped by were able to register to vote or get their absentee ballots during the shows. Melanie Julion, senior family and child studies major and president of the Zeta Iota chapter, said because there was a good turnout for the event in the past, it was moved from the Diversions Lounge in the Holmes Student Center to the Cavan Auditorium to accommodate more students.

“Our variety show allows students to display talents they normally wouldn’t be able to,” Julion said. “We usually have about ten performers.”

This variety show would attract students to voting, said Steven Williams, senior corporate communications major and Kappa Alpha Psi member.

“If we can’t ask people why they’re not voting, why not tell them why they should? They learn a bit smoother through a variety show,” Williams said.

Williams said it is important to raise voter awareness because some people don’t know the difference between Democrats and Republicans, much less the difference between presidential candidates.

Senior nursing major Imani Robinson said the main reason she came to the event was to get her absentee ballot so she could vote in the next election.

“People our age should vote to have a say in their education,” Robinson said. “A lot of students need financial aid because they can’t afford to pay for college out of pocket.”

Robinson said she thinks it is important for young adults to get their voices heard in things that are important to them. She said she likes having a say in what’s happening in the nation and being able to pick the best president.

“There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it, which is good,” Williams said.