Fashion comes from within, live up to your own style

Olivia Rajska

While enjoying my coffee at Starbucks, I spotted Heather Baier’s outfit. The junior biology and nursing major seemed to be right on target with her personal approach to style.

Baier was wearing a light blue chambray button-up shirt, gray cardigan sweater and magenta skinny jeans, all from Target. She seemed comfortable with nude flats from Macy’s. For her accessories, Baier embraced a pearl stranded necklace and a white watch with a dash of sparkle.

Coming from Tennessee, she classified her style as “southern chic.” I admire how she rolled her sleeves so the chambray material is peeking out of her sweater. She also rolled up her skinny jeans to add that extra southern touch.

Baier’s outfit consisted of appropriate colors for fall: light blue and magenta. I love that the magenta jeans matched the inner lining of her shirt collar. Those little details in your outfit make it special and personal to your taste. Also, chambray shirts are very stylish during these fall months and look great for men and women. They give an outfit a more laid back, approachable look.

A good closet staple is a pair of nude shoes. If you choose to have a colorful outfit, a pair of nude shoes can tone down the attire with some balance.

“To achieve the right balance, choose a color of nude within a few shades of your own skin tone,” said the beauty and style editors of

Nude shoes can easily go with anything in your closet and can work as a go-to shoe when you are running late for class or a meeting.

“Dressing up to class helps you stay focused and makes you ready for the real world,” Baier said.

Baier proves that you can look your best for less with signature pieces from Target. Having your own style comes from within, and it may take time to build upon your signature look. As we are growing up and start settling into our careers, everyone will eventually have their own approach to fashion. There is no right or wrong style as long as you make it your own.