October is a month of many faces

By Anthony Szudarski

For many of us, October is just another month.

The weather gets colder and people dress up for Halloween, but there’s so much more to this month.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is for honoring those who have beat the disease, those who are fighting and those who lost their battle. Thanks to the NFL, breast cancer awareness is widely acknowledged through October. Many supporters show their pink clothes and ribbons in hope of finding a cure. Though it’s a great cause, there are many other observances this month that go by forgotten.

This month is also National Crime Prevention Month, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. This goes hand-in-hand with October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

October also sees National Bullying Prevention Month. Many of us have been a victim of bullying throughout our life; yes, I said us. I haven’t always been the charismatic writer you know today. Like many people, I was bullied from time to time in school, and I’m not proud to say that I’ve also bullied others. Even here at NIU, I see bullying happen from time to time, and it upsets me to think that at this age we haven’t outgrown belittling people.

One of my personal favorite parts of October is Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month. What can I say, I think we’ve all had those nights when we just drank more coffee instead of sleeping, and we’ve all had those mornings when we just couldn’t get started without it. So, maybe go without that pumpkin spice latte this week. You might thank yourself later.

Did you know that October is also LGBT History Month? I know I didn’t. With holidays like National Coming Out Day on the 11th, the LGBTQ community has October to teach others important information that everyone should know. There are campus events going on all month that the NIU community could learn from. One event I’m looking forward to attending is The Life and Times of a LGBTQA Student Oct. 17 at the Holmes Student Center.

Possibly the most important observance in October, in my opinion, is Positive Attitude Month. With so much going on for so many people this month, whether it is a specific observance or even just Halloween, we all have to keep a good sense of humor. The minute we start getting down on ourselves or others can ruin days, weeks or maybe the whole month.

So whatever you’re celebrating or observing this month, know that you have options. October can just be another month, or it can be a time to participate in events on campus, learn a bit about things or people that you never would have otherwise. I know I’m dropping caffeine this month, so let’s see if I can still make it to all of my 8 a.m. classes.