SA discusses campus safety, grading policy Sunday


By Felix Sarver

Student Association senators received encouragement from the DeKalb County state’s attorney to help keep the campus safe during their meeting Sunday.

Clay Campbell came to the SA Senate to explain his work and his goals. He said he’s tasked with keeping students safe. He said he will have a conversation with anyone on how to keep NIU safe. He encouraged students to get involved on keeping their campus safe because he does not know why crime at NIU happens.

“We have great cops, we have great attorneys, but we need you,” Campbell said.

Next, he brought up the issue of the coffee fund allegations. While he could not speak on the details of the investigation, he spoke on the university needing more transparency and accountability. He said student leaders, like those who work for the SA, can demand accountability.

“We gotta create a different culture here at this university that encourages transparency, that demands accountability, that demand integrity,” Campbell said.

The SA Senate passed a resolution to urge NIU to discontinue efforts for a plus/minus grading system. Senator Mike Theodore said students should care about the plus/minus grading issue because it will affect their grades. Theodore said he was concerned about how plus/minus grading was optional for faculty, which would make grading policies uneven across classes.

“I think the question that should be asked is whether or not we need to change our system at all,” Theodore said.

Senator James Zanayed asked if there was any reason why plus/minus should be adopted. Theodore said some of the arguments for it included more academic freedom for grading among faculty and that other Illinois universities had already adopted the grading system.

The SA Senate approved of $3,000 in supplemental funding for the Military Students Services (MSS). The funding would help MSS pay for honor cords for their students. MSS asked for this amount so it would cover them for the next three to four years, and MSS would not have to ask for funding in the future, Quick said. The SA Senate now has $9,000 in supplemental funding.

NIU Men’s Rugby received a standing ovation from the SA Senate and guests for prolonging the life of a man who collapsed on Oct. 16 and eventually died.