Pastor answers questions about God, spirituality

By Brian Singer

Crowds of students have gathered around Cliffe Knechtle Monday and Tuesday at MLK Commons.

Knechtle is a pastor from Grace Community Church in Connecticut. He travels to college campuses to answer questions about God and spirituality.

“I consider myself someone who wants people to meet my best friend Jesus Christ,” Knechtle said.

Sarah Kloster, a University of Illinois graduate and works with InterVarsity at NIU, helped bring Knechtle to NIU so he could help create dialogue with students about Christianity.

“He’s here to answer questions about God, Christianity and the Bible,” Kloster said. “He’s spent years studying these questions and done this all over the nation.”

Knechtle said that he’s traveled to about four to eight campuses around the nation and has been invited to different organizations. He said he finds something unique speaking at NIU.

“I love the warmth, encouragement, thoughtfulness and sincerity of the questions I get from the students,” Knechtle said, “It’s a privilege to be here.”

Knechtle said he came to NIU through InterVarsity, a group of college Christians who hold Bible studies, worship services and gatherings, said Mark Thomas, junior pre-physical therapy major and member of InterVarsity.

InterVarsity connects with students at NIU by hosting barbecues, throwing pizza parties and including students in volunteering activities. Thomas said InterVarsity has chapters in different college campuses around the nation.

“It’s a place where people can belong and get a sense of community,” Thomas said.

Knechtle will be in the MLK Commons tomorrow from noon to 3 p.m. He will answer questions concerning the veracity of the Bible, the existence of Jesus Christ, and if science can prove Christianity wrong.