Huskies prove themselves time and again

By Matt Hopkinson

There are a lot cliche lines from athletes: “It was a team effort,” “I need to watch the tape,” and my favorite, “One game at a time.”

After the loss against Iowa in the opening game of the season, senior defensive end Sean Progar provided a seemingly innocuous quote: “We’re going to watch tape, take mistakes off the film, and take it out on the next team, and we’re just going to rally for the rest of the season.”

The beginning of the quote supplies the obvious cliche, but the latter half has held water.

I questioned the ability of junior quarterback Jordan Lynch to pass effectively, but he has done that in all games since the match-up with the Hawkeyes.

I questioned the benefit versus detrimental factors of running the no-huddle offense, but it has proven effective against both Kansas and Central Michigan.

The defense probably played its best game of the season in that Iowa matchup, but they didn’t get a turnover. It was able to pull out two huge take-aways against the Chippewas and followed that performance up with three take-aways against Ball State.

Is it a coincidence? Is it players practicing what they preach, showing the dedication of studying their craft and applying it more thoroughly?

I’m not entirely sure. It could very well be the case of talented athletes outperforming other talented athletes on any given Saturday.

Somehow, it feels like much more than that. The Huskies have shown time and time again that their explosive offense and adaptable defense have found the winning formula in every game since their tightly-contested loss.

I think much credit must be given to the coaching staff, as well. The results since Dave Doeren took over speak for themselves.

While he inherited much of the talent on the field for last season and this season, Doeren and his staff have also done a lot with unknown commodities.

Lynch has proven to be just as much of a dual threat talent as former quarterback Chandler Harnish was. The offensive line this season has consisted of five guys who have never started a college game before the Soldier Field opener.

While there is still much more football left to be played, if the last six games are any indication of what is to be expected the rest of the way, I wouldn’t want to miss a moment.

Just don’t ask Progar to read your palm.