Negative Facebook statuses warrant trolling

By Katie Finlon

I completely admit to being a Facebook troll. I might even embrace it, depending on what kind of day it’s been.

Sometimes, though, I think Facebook trolls me.

One day—while I was on Facebook, of course—I happened to look at the People You May Know sidebar.

Tangent: Why? For the love of God, why? Yes, it has proven useful to me in the past on a handful of occasions, but if the only thing I have in common with a particular person is a friend–a friend–chances are I don’t know that person.

Anyway, I happened to look over at the sidebar one day, and there were several people who I did not know…and yet, we had 30+ mutual friends.

My overall response was this:

 How? Just…how? I don’t know you people, and somehow we have over 30 mutual friends.

So, obviously, I creeped on them.

Of course, you can tell even after my first post that I have some smartass tendencies. So, when people complain about their days and repeatedly bring up the same mundane problems but don’t do anything to fix them, you can bet your happy butt I’m going to troll them.

So the other day, when I saw one of these People I May Know statuses saying it’s just not their semester, I thought of Spongebob Squarepants. Naturally.

So I left this as a comment:

Then I happened to come across another status from Someone I May Know about their landlord’s inability to fix things in a timely manner. First of all, you’re on a college campus, and second, you are unfortunately not the only tenant. It’s going to be slow in getting your apartment fixed.

I feel for you. I really do. I had to deal with an apartment without heat in the dead of winter for about two weeks. But in the scheme of things, is it really that bad?

I don’t necessarily pride myself in using the same cartoon as a comment twice in the same day, but I did. I thought it was kind of funny and completely necessary both times.

At least it was well-received by one status owner.