Students can explore academic opportunities at event Monday

By Felix Sarver

Students curious about majors or minors may want to visit the Exploring Majors Fair Monday.

The seventh annual Exploring Majors Fair will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Duke Ellington Ballroom in the Holmes Student Center.

The fair began in 2005 and was created because the Academic Advising Center wanted to create a location where students could explore academic opportunities all in one place in a “fair-like atmosphere,” said Steve Barleen, acting associate director of the Academic Advising Center.

“This is not just for students with an undecided major, it’s an opportunity for other students to connect with their departments,” Barleen said.

Graduate assistant Megan Kozenczak, who worked on organizing the fair, said the students seem to like it. Almost 400 students attended the fair in 2005 and nearly 700 students attended in 2011, Barleen said.

Kozenczak said the fair doesn’t just allow for students to explore majors and minors, but also to learn about other academic opportunities like the University Honors program, the writing centers and the Study Abroad program.

Kozenczak said the fair helps students know what it means to be involved in an academic department related to their major. Attending students can become familiar with the professors and know the demands of their coursework.

“You got to build a relationship with that department,” Kozenczak said.

Some departments want to make sure students know what their majors entail. The geography department always represents themselves at the Exploring Majors Fair to let students know geography isn’t just about studying maps, Kozenczak said.

The English department plans to have student representatives from various English-oriented organizations meet with students, said Bradley Peters, director of undergraduate studies for the English department.

Peters said the representatives meeting with students will be from the Towers magazine, the Society for Technical Communication, the Sigma Tau Delta honor society and the graduate school.

“We want to show studying English is more than about reading literature,” Peters said. “It’s about being a writer and being part of a professional organization.”

The Exploring Majors Fair seems to be a good promotional event that gives people a chance to learn about their majors, Peters said. One of the questions people have for the English department is what to do with an English degree. Peters said there are many career opportunities in English, like being a teacher or working in advertising.