Top 10 things to do (when you don’t know what else to do)

Erica Wood-Bedi

10. Learn to laugh. Yes, if you don’t laugh, you will cry. But it’s not all about you, remember. Your laughter can bring such joy to others in their time of need. That in turn will bring a smile to your face and possibly lift your heart.

9. Realize this is only temporary. This very moment could be the start of your healing, you just have to decide that’s what you want and go after it.

8. Make friends. Everybody goes through something at some point in their lives; maybe now is your time. Not everybody in a hospital psych ward is crazy. No one wants to admit it, but many of the people there are just over— or underwhelmed with life like the rest of us. Reach out to people even if they seem a little weird or off-kilter. Maybe they just need a friend to help them get back on track.

7. Let go of your pride. It’s tough to make it on your own. Some of you know what it’s like while others are new to this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

6. Get the hell out of your own head. Focus your energy on helping others instead of worrying about your own situation. Lots of people could use a helping hand. Listening to other people’s problems can be an eye opener. Doing so helps you see that your problems aren’t insurmountable.

5. Bring a change of clothes. In life, it’s important to be prepared and open to anything. Don’t allow yourself to get in a rut. Plan it, schedule it and then do it. Starting college is an excellent first step. Finishing college is an even better step.

4. Take care of you: Don’t get so caught up in a significant other that you stop doing things that make you happy. Enough said.

3. Don’t pee in the communal shower. Respect goes a long way; don’t cross the line. Respect others’ thoughts and feelings, even if you don’t agree with them. Take it all in and agree to disagree. You won’t be in agreement with others all of the time; we don’t all have to have the same opinion.

2. Believe in something greater than yourself: Yes, I am a Christian, but that’s beside the point. A little faith never hurt anyone. How sad to go through life thinking this is all there is. Really? Wars, famines and children dying at the hands of teenage gangsters seems so senseless. In my soul I know we’re all here for a purpose beyond our understanding. If I didn’t believe that, I’m not sure I could deal with everything the world throws at me.

1. Read children’s books. Children’s books have boiled down complicated life lessons to their essence: Be Kind, be nice and help others. Say please and thank you. Sometimes “simple” tells you all you need to know.