Retired professor dies at 70

By Northern Star Staff

Communications professor Arthur Paul Doederlein died at the age of 70 last Friday, an NIU Today article stated.

Doederlein, who retired in 2010, served as an undergraduate studies director for the communications department for 30 years. He advised thousands of students, assisted them in planning their academic programs and counseled them about graduate school and career opportunities, the article stated.

He was a professor in the CHANCE program and received a special award in recognition of his service to CHANCE and his commitment to NIU graduates. He also received the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 1994.

Doederlein studied at Northwestern University and also served as a faculty member.

He is survived by his wife Sue Doederlein, associate dean for undergraduate affairs for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, his son Arthur Allen Doederlein and his daughter Catherine Doederlein.