There’s more to class than showing up

Olivia Rajska

It is the first day of class, and that means new professors, books and outfits.

The beginning of a new school year calls for fashion statements and different styles around campus. I notice students typically starting their school year with attempts to dress nicely, but losing their motivation once they realize most of their classmates dress in sweatpants, T-shirts and even pajamas.

Make the effort to keep dressing up, because every day is a fresh start with new opportunities and people to meet.

All that really matters is the effort you put into your outfit. If you are the type of person to sleep in, have your outfit ready the night before so you can eliminate the morning rush. If you do not like to wear dressy clothes, there are other options. For instance, jeans can always be dressed up with a nice shirt or cardigan. With the right attire, casual wear can turn into a dressy outfit.

Dressing up to class boosts confidence in not only yourself, but your style.

Researchers from the University of Queensland are finding connections between mood and the clothes people wear. According to their findings, pepole associate emotion with clothing. This is true for shopping as well as picking out clothes on a daily basis. If someone is in a bad mood, he or she may pick bright clothes to cheer themselves up, or at least appear happier.

You should be more willing to try new looks while you’re still young and maybe receive some compliments around campus. Standing out is a good thing and a great conversation starter. Dressing up in style can not only impress your peers, but also inspire them.

When you dress up, you feel more awake and alive, ready for what the day and class has in store for you. In fact, professors will take you more seriously when you show up to class looking your best. You never know what kind of opportunities could come your way when you present yourself well.

College is the perfect time to figure out your personal style before you enter your career. Your future careers may not be as lenient with your personal approach to how you dress. Now is the time to experiment with outfits in a way that makes you feel professional yet comfortable. By perfecting your routine now, you will save time in the future.

Style is out there, and it is never too late to start dressing up. Start this school year off on the right foot with nice shoes to match.