JellyBones jiggles its way into opening spot at House Cafe


Jerene-Elise Nall

Are you jellin’?

JellyBones, a friendly five-piece psychedelic pop band from Algonquin, Ill., will be playing with the Claudettes at 8 p.m. Thursday at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Despite the name, JellyBones got its start from sad circumstances.

“I dropped out of high school,” said vocalist and guitarist Frank Lintzeris. “I had a lot of unhappy feelings going through me, so I started writing music again, which is something I hadn’t done since I was younger. I really liked the way it was sounding, so I recorded some demos and showed some people. People liked the way it sounded, so I decided to get a band together.”

JellyBones’ music is filled with good vibes, which come from musical roots in the sounds of bands like the Doors.

“I was raised on the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, all that kind of stuff,” Lintzeris said. “My dad just had really great taste in music. I had a big interest in exploring that type of music. I guess I acted like a sponge and just took what I thought was best from every band.”

JellyBones is no stranger to somewhat unconventional recording environments.

“The album that’s about to come out was recorded in a shed in our friend’s backyard,” said drummer Geon Tillinghast.

JellyBones used the website Indiegogo to fundraise for the release of its newest 19-track album, You Better Be.

”Our goal was $2000; we earned about $1200,” Tillinghast said. “It was a little more than we were expecting, although we didn’t quite meet our goal.”

That $1200 gave JellyBones a nice start to releasing You Better Be this summer.

“We might release the digital a little bit early, because we don’t want to keep the pre-orders waiting,” Lintzeris said. “We wanted to do vinyl, but it’s going to be CD and digital.”

The band plans to release a piece of art custom-fit to each of the tracks on the album, as well.

“Why limit the artwork to just the album?” Lintzeris said. “Let’s have, basically, album covers for every single song. There’s a sheet inside the album with every single image on it. And we’re going to try and have a little digital booklet too, with the download, with all the images in high resolution.”

Make sure to check out the ever-so-artful JellyBones at the House Cafe this Thursday.

“We hope to do some dancin’ with ya, and maybe kiss a few of your faces,” Tillinghast said.