Hotdog stands compete for pedestrian customers


Mike Nichols, junior visual communications major, and Matt Frierdich, junior English major, co-owners of the GoDog Gourmet Hot Dogs cart bring competition to the Huddle Restaurant cart in the MLK Commons Monday afternoon.

By Mary Diamond

Lunch options for pedestrians on campus are about to get a lot more interesting.

For 20 years there has been a cart selling hotdogs by the side of Lucinda near the MLK commons; on Monday, April 18, there were two.

New business owner Mohammed Labadi said the spot has traditionally belonged to the restaurant that occupies the space at 817 West Lincoln Highway. The Huddle held their grand opening celebration last Thursday, and Labadi claims the spot on Lucinda is his.

“That’s been our spot throughout the years,” Labadi said. “Even with ownership change. The people before us had the spot and the people before them -that’s where we like to be.”

GoDog Gourmet is the new cart on campus, owned and operated by two NIU students -Mike Nichols and Matt Frierdich.

The silver cart with the red and yellow umbrella is manned by three different guys who rotate days -Ted Litberg is a Biochemistry major at NIU and a part-time hot dog vendor for The Huddle.

“I mean it’s students, too, so I can’t blame them,” Litberg said of his competitors. “I have no animosity toward them, it just sucks to be in the same area.”

The DeKalb municipal code has no specific ordinance regarding the location of peddlers in public space, as long as they are not on a private residence or business.

Labadi says he has spoken to the owners of GoDog Gourmet, and believes that they have reached some kind of understanding about campus turf.

“He came in and parked it right next to us, which isn’t cool at all. We asked him to move to the corner.” Labadi said.

“If he doesn’t, that’s fine,” Labadi said. “We’ll just sell our hotdogs for $1. That’s good for competition, and that’s good for everybody.”