Newman Catholic Student Center hosts ‘A Taste of Asia’


Senior automotive major Tim Madsen and Amanda Kalkstein, senior English and health education majors, sample food from around the world at “Taste of Asia”, held at the Newman Catholic Center Tuesday night.

By Lauren Dielman

Students got the chance to experience “A Taste of Asia” Tuesday.

The event started at 7 p.m. in the Newman Catholic Student Center, 512 Normal Road, and included cultural food, performances and educational displays.

Freshman physics major Garrett Wise and Kendrick Myles, sophomore pre-clinical lab sciences major, demonstrated body throws, self-defense and board breaks as part of the martial arts club at NIU.

Maria Atlmae, first year masters student and adult and higher education major, helped represent Pakistan at the event.

“It’s a good way to meet new people and tell them about our culture,” Atlmae said. “It’s a fun way.”

Atikah Alhamad, masters student majoring in instructional technology, said she participated in the event to tell and show people aspects of Saudi Arabia which they may not have already known.

The event was sponsored by Kappa Pi Beta and the Asian American Center.