School of Theatre and Dance to host Open Mic Cabaret

By Jessica Cabe

Talent should be shared.

This has been the philosophy behind open mic nights since their inception. Regardless of medium–comedy, music, dance, spoken word, etc.–open mic nights have been great outlets for blossoming artists.

The School of Theatre and Dance is hosting an Open Mic Cabaret at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Corner Theatre in the Stevens Building.

“The whole purpose of an open mic night is to give artists a place to show their work with other artists,” said senior BFA acting major Kate Booth, an organizer of the event. “Sometimes works shown are in progress, but it’s cool because you see the development of ideas.”

The Open Mic Cabaret is the perfect example of an idea in progress. The School of Theatre and Dance has traditionally put on a Senior Cabaret as the senior class’s main fundraiser of the year. Due to extra projects this year, the pool of performers ran shallow, Booth said. The organizers did not want to cut Cabaret entirely, so the idea for Open Mic Cabaret was born.

Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. The event will serve as the senior class’s primary fundraiser for the year. Booth said the money raised goes toward seniors’ film reels which they send to casting agents, directors and producers.

Booth said the traditional Cabaret and this new form are similar in principle; they both serve as variety shows which showcase local talent. The difference this year is anyone can participate rather than just theatre students.

“It still has the spirit of Cabaret,” Booth said. Rather than theatre students having to memorize a monologue, they get to perform whatever they want, she said.

Many of the acts which were set for Cabaret will still perform at Open Mic Cabaret, including sophomore BFA acting major Kaitlin Cavannaugh. She will play harp and sing “Hallelujah.” There will also be a few skits by freshman theatre students as well as singing and dancing.

The main goal of the evening is to invite all students to showcase their unique talents, Booth said. Instrumental performances are encouraged, as well as poetry readings. Booth said the organizers really wanted to include everyone to create a truly varied open mic night.

“It would be really cool to have people from the university come perform,” Booth said.