Letter to the Editor: The founding fathers did get it right

By Letter to the Editor

In regards to Colin Remes’ columns: “What our founding fathers didn’t get right” demonstrates that the left is dropping their veil and no longer even pretends to follow the constitution. Remes has also bashed the constitutionalist tea party movement in the past.

Well I have news for Mr. Remes: the founding fathers didn’t get it wrong, he and the left did. The founders cared very deeply about human liberty and carefully constructed a system that would guard our freedoms by limiting government’s role. Remes complained that these limitations prevent government from taking over health care.

That’s not a problem, that’s the point. When leftists like Remes get their way the government controls health care, industry, agriculture, transportation, education and communication. It becomes our employer, the only entity that we can buy from and overall master. This is dangerous to liberty and the founders knew it. The modern tea party movement follows the constitutional vision of our founders, whose motto was “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Remes and the left’s motto is “Give me my free stuff” and “Give me other people’s money!” Big government plays on this attitude, and hands us the stolen goods as it places chains around us.

This isn’t what America is supposed to be about. The DeKalb County of Illinois Tea Party (DCITP) is fighting to keep us free and return to the constitution. Please check out our Facebook page and join us in restoring our founders’ principals.

Ted McCarron

DCITP Board Member