Candidate profiles: Student Association Treasurer

Candidate profiles: Student Association Treasurer

By Felix Sarver

Name: Joshua Venaas

Year and major: Senior geology major

Current SA Position: Director of Mass Transit

Other positions: None

Experience with the SA: He served as Chief of Staff and as a Senator. He said he implemented the real-time GPS tracking system for the Huskie Bus Line. He said he has supervised the bus system and its $3.9 million year budget. He said he works with monthly invoices from vendors and works with the SA accountant to make sure the system’s cost is within budget.

Motivation: He said the treasurer is the most important position within the SA and he can bring a great deal of experience to the position.

Campaign: He wants to increase communication with student organizations throughout the entire budget process. He wants to help organizations collaborate with each other so they can decrease the cost of programs and events while allowing students to enjoy more programs due to the savings.


Name: Jack Barry

Year and major: Sophomore business major

Current SA Position: Senator

Other positions: SA finance committee member and Northern Star advertising representative

Experience with the SA: He said he helped allocate $1,452,779 to different student organizations on the University Services finance subcommittee. He said he worked with the current Treasurer and members of the finance committee.

Motivation: He said the treasurer is an important position on campus and must be handled with utmost professionalism.

Campaign: He wants all student organizations to be aware of the funds they are eligible for. He wants to make the allocation process in the finance department more eco-friendly to prevent the killing of trees, and grant student organizations their money in a smoother manner.