NGOLD to send six students to D.C.

By Jordan Birchfield

This Spring break six NIU students will head to the U.S. capitol.

NGOLD is NIU’s center for Nongovernmental Leadership and Development and is leading a trip of six students to Washington D.C. this spring break.

NGOLD Program Coordinator Ben Bingle said students will be there from March 12 to 14.

Nancy Castle, director of the Community Leadership and Development Department, said the students will visit various locations and tour the capitol.

“Six students majoring in community leadership and development have been chosen to visit Washington D.C. to meet with non-governmentental organizations and congressional staffers,” Castle said.

Castle described the trip as an experience for students to learn the role of advocacy groups and how to work with non for profit groups.

“The trip will also provide a chance for the students to meet with representatives from international non-for-profit organizations,” Castle said.

Castle said the trip will help students learn what is needed to work in not-for-profit sector and help make them future leaders.

“The trip will help students gain a deeper understanding of civic engagement and community organizing,” Bingle said.

Bingle said the six students are Community Leadership and Development majors with an intent of pursuing careers in non-for-profit sectors.

Isabelle Bourgeois, junior CLCE major, is one of the six students attending the trip. Bourgeois said she looks forward to the trip because it is a great way to network with people involved with national not profit organizations but to also meet with congressional staffer that are involved with policies affecting non-profit organizations.

“The experience could give me insight that can help me with my future career in the social sector,” Bourgeois said.