Candidate profiles U.S. Representative, District 16

By Joe Palmer

Name: Donald Manzullo (Incumbent)

Affiliation: Republican

Hometown: Egan

Occupation: US Representative since 1992

Qualifications: Bachelors of Arts from American University, Juris Doctor (Law) from Marquette University

Platform: Promoting job creation through “American Jobs Agenda;” an all you can create energy policy; and sizable health care reforms.


Name: Adam Kinzinger

Affiliation: Republican

Hometown: Manteno

Occupation: US Representative since 2010 (Illinois 11th District), Pilot in Air National Guard

Qualifications: Bachelors in Political Science from Illinois State University, Captain in Air National Guard

Platform: Reducing scope of federal government by eliminating unnecessary spending; promote fiscal responsibility in Washington; and expanding use of nuclear power options alongside development of other resources.