Council approves lobbyist


Mayor of DeKalb, Kris Povlsen asks the City Attorney, Dean Frieders a question concerning his voting power on city ordances.

By Jordan Birchfield

The DeKalb city council approved a measure that would earmark $88,000 for a contract with mCapitol Management to serve as the city’s federal lobbyist.

The contract was approved by a 4-3 vote. The council hired mCapital to provide legislative assistance for infrastructure projects for the city.

The council also discussed the appointment of the new DeKalb City Clerk, Diane Wright.

There was discussion on amending the city code regarding what the duties of the city clerk should be. Third Ward Alderwoman Kristen Lash raised concern that the language of the city code was too vague.

Lash said a clause allowing the city clerk to be removed for not faithfully performing duties was too broad of a criterion to allow for removal from office.

Lash also said she disagreed with the city’s “oath and bond clause,” which requires the city clerk to bond $2,500 of his or her own money when they take office.

“The oath and bond clause equates to pretty much paying off government to be in office,” Lash said.

Other city officials disagreed with Lash’s interpretation of the clause.

“The oath and bond clause does not require the city clerk to pay out of their own pocket,” said District Attorney Dean Frieders.

A citizen demanded the DeKalb City Council issue an apology for its past treatment of citizens at a meeting Monday.

DeKalb resident Mark Charvat spoke in front of the council and demanded an apology for three students from the Black Student Union who were escorted from the Feb. 13 meeting.

“Council rules allow for citizens to speak for three minutes each, but the three students speaking that night they only got to speak for six minutes,” Charvat said.

Charvat also said the mayor had the speakers escorted out because they criticized him.

The DeKalb City Council next meets at 7 p.m. March 12 at the DeKalb Municpal Building, 200. S. Fourth St.