President Peters: Technology a focus of Vision 2020

By Kelly Bauer

Approximately $4 million will be invested in technology around campus, President John Peters said Wednesday during a University Council meeting.

Peters said the campus plans to become wireless as part of the Vision 2020 initiative. The $4 million will go toward spreading wireless technology throughout campus and implementing Cloud computing.

“In Vision 2020, the technology piece is crucial to everything we do,” Peters said.

He said the investment in Cloud will go toward storing information for the future and is part of NIU’s goal of raising enrollment.

“One thing you can say about universities: We may be slow and difficult sometimes, but we have longevity,” Peters said.

SA Senate Speaker Austin Quick said the Student Association Senate is looking to start a “Huskie Family” initiative. Quick said the campus community is already “like a family” and that will be marketed to increase enrollment.

One of the goals of Vision 2020 is to increase freshman enrollment by 593 students by 2020, according to the website. There were 2,705 freshman enrolled in 2010.

Quick also said the Senate passed a resolution in support of the new location of the DeKalb police station.