Council votes to change policy on class guests

By Kelly Bauer

Wednesday’s University Council meeting saw the passing of a proposal that alters NIU’s policy on guests in class.

The proposal, made by Karen Brandt, Academic Policy Committee Chair, was discussed at the Nov. 2 Universal Council meeting and was not passed. Several amendments to change the language of the proposal were not accepted or, upon discussion, were changed. The final sentence – “Those present for supervisory and/or security duties must notify the instructor of their intent to be present prior to class” – was discussed by various council members who felt the language should be altered.

Eddie Williams, executive vice president for Business and Finance, said he was concerned that an investigating official who found it necessary to their work not to notify the teacher of their presence would have to notify the professor under the proposed language.

“The policy does not really provide for that,” Williams said. “[A security person] would not be able to do this without violating a university policy.”

President John Peters suggested Brandt include a clause in the policy so that, if there were a situation as Williams had described, an exclusion to the policy could be made.

“Normally we would use an exceptional clause,” Peters said. “Let’s work with the language.”

Brandt instead accepted an amendment that would add “except in emergency situations” to the end of the final sentence.

The proposal passed with 29 votes of approval and 13 opposed.