Cold weather makes for a crowded bus

By Juliana Leprich

While many NIU students already take advantage of the Huskie Bus Line, even more are expected to use the buses this winter.

“Usually we get a higher ridership in the colder weather,” said Al Davis, General Manager of the Huskie Bus Line.

The colder weather is likely to attract more students to heated transportation; some students have noticed others still flocking the buses on warmer winter days.

“Last year it was really crowded on the bus in winter,” said sophomore undecided major Erica Wilson. “Sometimes it was nice outside, and I wondered why the bus was crowded and students didn’t just walk.”

Other students are just thankful for the option of taking the bus in the cold.

“I really do appreciate the bus service,” said Dominique Smith, junior elementary education major. “At my previous school we had no bus service, so it’s a good thing to look at here.”

While the same amount of buses run year ’round, Davis said students shouldn’t have a problem catching one when it’s colder out.

“Some [students] may have to wait a little bit longer, but there should be some room,” Davis said. “There are plenty of buses running around to accommodate students.”

Students are also advised to head out a little earlier if they plan to take the bus and get to class on time.

“Don’t wait until the bus right before class; take the one before that,” Davis said. “You’re gonna get there early, but you are going to get a bus when you need one.”