Puffy coats should be a sin: a guide to fall jacket fashion

By Melissa McKenna

Fall is all about staying warm.

Pumpkin spice lattes, cable knit sweaters, worn-in riding boots and (most importantly) statement jackets define fall. Pea coats, varsity jackets, trench coats and military coats are all statement jackets that add the extra ounce of not only warmth, but style to any outfit. And it’s more than essential to always stay stylish when choosing the right jacket for fall.

Picking the wrong jacket to go along with your outfit masterpiece can be one of the most tragic mistakes.


Tragic Mistakes

First off, puffy jackets should be considered a sin. They do absolutely nothing for your figure and should never be worn, period. Though warm, comfortable, and versatile, both North Face and Colombia fleece jackets are sad excuses for jackets. Once again, they do nothing for your figure and truthfully aren’t even that warm. Perfectly acceptable for quick errands and yoga pants days, fleece jackets are not to be mistaken for statement piece jackets.

“If I’m going out to class, the store or on a quick errand, I’ll throw on my Colombia fleece,” said freshman business major Amanda Fernandez. “If it’s to do an errand, it’s acceptable, but it’s not the coat you wear over a dress when you’re going out to dinner. For going out, I’ll always put on my black pea coat.”


Princess and the Pea Coat

Pea coats are the most popularly chosen and versatile of the fall jackets. Coming in almost every color and various prints, they truly are your secret weapon. Wool, tweed, cut, and cropped, add a pea coat to the mix and you can’t go wrong. Wear it with nearly anything, but the look to go for consists of a chunky cable knit sweater, rain boots or riding boots and leggings.

“I love my pea coat because it’s classy, warm and I can wear it with anything,” Fernandez said. “Everyone needs a pea coat; you can’t walk around in a big and puffy jacket every day. It’s just

unacceptable. Everyone needs a nice coat.”

Junior Varsity

Varsity jackets are a unique spin on the fall jacket. If you’re looking to go on a bit more eclectic and edgy side, then varsity jacket is for you. Not necessarily the most commonly worn jacket, if worn tactfully, it can be a real fashion statement. If you’re really daring, wear it with a dress and a pair of killer pumps, but if you’d rather play it safe pair the varsity jacket with a pair of skinnies, converse and geek chic glasses. Très trendy.

Freshman communications major Maria Wojnicki, has a different take on the appeal of the

varsity jacket.

“Plain and simple, I think varsity jackets are pure tacky,” said Wojnicki. “I don’t like the style at all, and I can’t find much to wear it with.”


In the Trenches

Unlike varsity jackets, trench coats are the definition of chic. Polished and sleek, put on a trench coat, and your style points double within seconds. Wear a long trench on a windy or rainy day and opt for a cropped trench on a less chilly day. Extremely versatile, trench coats can be worn with anything. Go coat crazy and have fun.


Army Strong

When worn right, military coats can be quite the stylish jacket. Though not the warmest option, it will keep you covered up and protected from the bitter afternoon chill on those chilly fall afternoons. To execute the military coat right, I’d recommend wearing it with a pair of dark wash skinnies and ankle booties.

“Unlike the varsity jacket, I really do like military coats,” Wojnicki said. “They have a unique look to them; they’re definitely more my taste.”

This fall, defy the cold and wrap up in a jacket that isn’t just for the cold. Don the coat and walk the streets like a runway. Be a true fall fashionista!