Rant: Cubs vs Cardinals is a rivalry

By Tony Osborne

Another day, another feud on Facebook statuses of Cubs and Cardinals fans alike.

Although the two teams historically do not see eye to eye, something has to give.

Newsfeeds were riddled with posts from Cardinal fans following a game five defeat from the Texas Rangers.

The one common theme is, “Why don’t all you Cubs fans shut up. You didn’t even make it to the World Series.”

Well folks, it’s called a rivalry, and it’s nothing new to sports.

Every team has that one close geographical rival that gets under its skin, and the Cubs and Cardinals have played over 2,000 games against each other.

No one wants to see a team in the same division win the highest attainable goal in the sport; it’s normal.

So, before you go about your evening with snide remarks about a certain team or teams not making it to the World Series, remember, Cubs fans know they haven’t been to the World Series in ages.

And frankly, it’s just going to make it that much sweeter when they do.