Letter to the editor: TAILS story was biased and one-sided

I wanted to know what the point of the front-page story about TAILS was. If it was to give the idea that shelter animals are sickly so don’t adopt them, or that TAILS is run poorly, then I guess bravo. This is sad, however, because in about five years of dealing with TAILS I have found them wonderful. They have helped me with numerous stray kittens and put them all up for adoption. I also recently adopted a fine dog from there. They go to great lengths to ensure the health and well-being of all the animals. What did TAILS do wrong? Tell a person this rabbit has been ill. They didn’t con anyone. The person was told flat out it had been sick and was still healing. They gave a voucher for a vet and then offered free care which, for some reason, the person declined. How is the fact a rabbit–that was not at all in their care or control–dying from a recoverable wound this shelters fault? If the student had relinquished the animal or used the free vet services TAILS offered, things may have been better for the rabbit and the person in the long run. I have found TAILS a wonderful place with responsible and genuine people working very hard to help animals. I hope people will not shy away from adopting there due to this one unfortunate and pretty much one sided story.

-Beverly Brown

Junior nutritional science major